• 4 Hour Class  G  License RENEWAL Course

Renewal InformationLegal RequirementsAuthorized Calibers
Who is this course for? This course of for Florida licensed security professionals that hold a current Florida Class “G” Statewide Firearms License plus a current Florida Class D, C, CC, M, MA and MB licensed managers that need to carry or handle firearms in connection with their licensed activities.

Annual Renewal Requirement– Florida Statute 493 requires that all class G license holders, attend a 4 hour Renewal Course every year and that evidence of that course is sent to the Department of licensing immediately after taking the 4 hour renewal course. This requires that the security officer attends their first 4 hour renewal course before the Class G License reaches its first year anniversary.

If the security officer attended a Class G Course on February 15, 2015; the security officer would have to attend a 4 hour renewal course, and submit evidence of attending that course before February 15, 2016.

The course of fire consist of shooting 48 rounds of ammunition with a minimum passing score of 168 points. You can shoot the qualification no more than 3 times; one warm-up and two qualifications. The highest score will be used as the official score. We recommend that you bring 150 rounds of ammunition for the firearm caliber you intend to qualify with.

– Quality duty holster and magazine pouches (No cross draw, shoulder holsters or ankle holsters)
– Comfortable shoes that provide protection from hot brass (No sandals allowed)
– Comfortable clothing (Shorts and “V”-neck shirts are not recommended). The use of Crew-Neck shirts is highly recommended.
– A baseball style bill-cap to protect eye area from hot brass

If you are bringing a handgun to the gun range, the firearm should be unloaded and encased. All firearms and ammunition will be inspected for safety prior to commencing live fire exercise.

Florida Statute 493 requires that all security and investigations professionals maintain their Class C, CC, D, M, MA or MB license active in order to receive and retain a valid Class G license. Both license must be valid simultaneously. If either license expires, the individual will not be able to legally carry a firearm while on duty. In other words, the G license by itself will not allow you to carry a firearm. A Concealed Weapons License is a license for personal use and cannot be used to work armed.
Florida Statute 493 autorizes class G license holders to carry the following handguns:
.380 semi-automatic pistol
9mm semi-automatic pistol
.40 Caliber Pistol
.45 ACP Pistol

.38 special revolver
.357 Caliber revolver with 38 special ammunition

tactical carbine and tactical rifle training
  • $85 (student brings their gun, ammunition, gun holster and magazine pouch)
  • $135 (Glock Pistol, 9mm ammunition, holster and magazine pouch included)
  • – Reloaded ammunition will not be allowed during the course
  • – Class fees cover class lecture, practical training, testing, and range fees.  
  • * All classroom sessions and range portion are held locally in Orlando Florida.