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Executive Protection Specialist

Special Services Group North America LLC (SSGNA) is looking for Executive Protection Professionals for future positions. Applicants should have a valid passport which is valid for more than 6 months from time of hire.  Protection Professionals work long days, sometimes in excess of 12 hours per days.  Protection Professionals require good communication skills, the ability to communicate effectively and elicit cooperation from client’s (Principal’s) staff, business associates, managers and operators of various venues, and other executives and security teams. Executive Protection Professionals may be exposed to extensive periods of standing, walking and sitting in various settings with varying degrees of noise; and may include office settings, restaurants, parks, concerts, sporting event settings, residential settings, vehicles, special event venues and other settings. This position may require various degrees of travel in and out of the state though commercial and/or private aircraft, automobiles of various sizes and configurations, and vessels among other modes of transportation.  The candidate must be willing to work long hours with limited supervision and must be willing to sign a no-disclosure agreement and a confidentiality agreement.


  • Protect the life and reputation of Principal;
  • May be assigned to protect Principal’s family and/or perform physical protection duties;
  • Perform advances to venues and/or to Principal’s hotels  and vacation locations;
  • May be required to conduct risk assessments and planning based on Principal’s itinerary;
  • Travel with Principal as needed;
  • Take appropriate action in response to threats, fire, accidents and vandalism;
  • Complete incident reports and/or daily reports as needed;
  • Follow post orders and applicable general and special orders;
  • Check safe room, safes, locked repositories and security cabinets;
  • Close up any open and unsecured doors, windows and gates;
  • May be required to ensure that the proper maintenance and troubleshooting of  CCTV systems and Panic Alarms is conducted appropriately;
  • Respond to Panic Alarms;
  • Perform and/or monitor threat response drill and panic alarm response drills;
  • Test site security features routinely ;
  • Perform other duties as assigned;


  • Must have at least 3 years of protection experience;
  • Must be fully trained as a personal protection specialist by Special Services Group North America LLC or by a SSGNA approved training organization;
  •  Must be in good physical condition; having adequate hearing and vision to support their work duties;
  • Must be able to pass licensing requirements and have a valid Florida Class D, or Florida Class C License plus a Florida Class G License;
  • Must be willing to work unarmed in foreign countries;
  • Must have as a minimum valid First Aid, CPR & AED certifications from either the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association or other nationally recognized provider approved by SSGNA;
  • Must be able to pass pre-employment screening;
  • Must be weight and height proportionate;
  • Must be able to pass background check and drug screening;
  • Must have good driving record;
  • Must have good working knowledge of contract requirements;
  • Must conduct themselves in a manner reflecting the highest standards to the Principal and treat all persons with courtesy and respect by demonstrating impartial enforcement of policies, procedures and regulations;
  • Protection Professionals shall impart courtesy, tact, diplomacy, and self-control even when firmness is necessary in the performance of duties.