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Tactical Carbine
20150930_1501 Shotgun
20150930_1476 Remington 308 Police special sniper rifle

Choose among various  basic, advanced and tactical handgun courses for all ages and skill levels.

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SSG offers a variety of basic, advanced and tactical carbine courses for individuals and organizations.

  • Clases de tiro rifle y carabina

Choose among any of our NRA and SSG’s basic, advanced and tactical shotgun courses designed for individuals of different skills levels.  Clases de tiro con escopeta y tiro tactico

This course teaches military, law enforcement,  competitive shooters, hunters and other qualified individuals  long-range rifle marksmanship fundamentals …..

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Two people are taking aim at the in of car
tactical carbine and tactical rifle training

These courses are a legal pre-licensing requirement for licensed security and investigations professionals and managers.

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Learn the skills necessary to increase your probabilities of survival during a an active shooter or other life-threatening event.

Tactical Shooting

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tactical carbine and tactical rifle training

Three Gun

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