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Personal Protection Specialist II

Introduction: As the threat of terrorism and criminal activities rise, the role of the protection professional requires a more extensive array of knowledge, skills and tactics to combat more violent, smarter and technology driven attacks.  As risks increase, protection professionals need to adapt and learn new skills. With this in mind, this course was designed for participants who have extensive personal protection experience and desire advanced scenario-based training in personal protection principles, weapons, tactics and defensive counter-measures.



Course Objectives: Students will review the fundamental skills presented in the PPS I Course and expand their knowledge in planning, executing and customizing personal protection program based on a needs assessment.

• Principles of executive protection review
• Review of historical and note-worthy events
• Terminal Ballistics and Trauma Care
• Concealable Body Armor, Armored Vehicles and Terminal Ballistics
• Sniper and active shooter counter-measures and response
• Search and recognition of IED’s and electronic listening devices
• CBNR threats
• Dynamics of Protective Formations
• Pre-attack indicators
• Recognition and response to threats and attacks
• Cover and evacuation drills
• Concealed firearms and tactical firearms training
• Motorcade driving (High Speed / Low Speeds/ Low Light)
• Arrival and departure drills
• Low profile security and tactics
• High risk operations, deployment and tactics
• Sabotage and assault response concepts
• First Aid, CPR and Force on Force Exercises

Requirements: You must be at least 21 years old to attend this course, and have or be legally eligible for licensure as a security officer. Training candidates must provide an official, state certified (NCIC based) Criminal Records Checks indicating that candidate does not have any prior criminal convictions or pending cases. Failure to provide evidence of a clean record will disqualify applicant from participating in this class.   Additional records include a copy of your valid driver’s license and a cleared driving record with no moving violations cited within 5 years preceding course application. Training candidates must also provide a medical clearance letter indicating that candidate has no medical restrictions and is allowed to participate in mid to high intensity physical activities without restrictions. Failure to provide a full medical clearance will also disqualify applicants from participating in this class.

Law enforcement officers and active duty military personnel: LEO and active duty military personnel may provide a letter from their commanders or authorized representative in-lieu of criminal records checks.  However, the letter must be in official organization letterhead with organization contact information for their respective command.  For those providing organizational letters, LEO and active duty military IDs must be presented on the first day of class. Please ensure that organizational leaders will be available for contact, as SSG will contact organization to verify credentials and current employment and/or duty status.

Gear: Business casual clothing (no jeans). Clothing, shoes and sturdy belt appropriate for defensive tactics training. Please, also bring business clothing (slacks, jacket, tie and appropriate shoes) for field training exercises.

Method: This course will be taught using extensive classroom lectures and extensive practical exercises with moderate to vigorous physical activity.

Ammunition: 1,200 rounds of pistol ammunition

Gear: Quality handgun with at least three magazines, concealed holster (no cross draw holsters) and magazine holders, hearing and eye protection (clear), cover shirt and civilian clothes (no army fatigues for this event), range uniform, flashlight and flashlight holder, clothing appropriate for climate and conditions and a water bottle or other hydration system.

Method: This course will be taught using classroom lectures and practical field exercises

Skill Prerequisites: SSC PPS I, or other SSG approved executive protection course

Number of attendees: minimum 10

Duration: 6 days

Investment: $1,700

A variety of meal options can be purchased from a number of local restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lodging is available near our training facilities. Most items on the gear list may be purchased at a number of Army/Navy stores and Police Supply Stores in the area.

Disclaimer: Course price, content and length may change at any moment. SSG will honor the price posted and provide any updates made to content if the course was paid in-full within 6 months of the date of the course.