Personal Protection Specialists

  • Safety and security are global concern in today’s international environment.  With the advent of international terrorism, organized crime and local violence; organizations, executives, celebrities and even members of the community need the protection of highly specialized professionals.
  • In an uncertain world were threats can come from any direction and at the moment you least expected, vulnerability becomes a high concern for those without properly trained and experienced security professionals.   Based in Orlando Florida, Special Services Group North America LLC has the experienced personnel needed to provide our clients with the peace of mind they need to conduct their personal and daily business and organizational operations with the least amount of interruptions. With former counter-terrorism experts, former military and tactical officers, and experienced security professionals, Special Services Group North America has the protection professional you need.
  •  All businesses and individuals have varying degrees of risks and may face threats from a variety of sources; each with its unique challenges.  For this reason, SSG conducts a thorough risk assessment for all of its clients and deploys specifically selected personnel and equipment, based on the specific needs of each client.  We understand your need for privacy, and the delicate balance between risk management and the need to conduct your daily routines and uninterrupted business operations.  As a result, we employ various strategies and technologies which are selected based on client needs and special requests.
  • Expertise, experience, professionalism and discretion are the requirements of our profession.
Politician shaking hands with people behind barrier
Two people are taking aim at the in of car