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Tiro Basico y Portacion Armas

NRA Firearm Safety Course

This is a non-shooting course.  This course teaches students the basic theory, skills and attitude necessary for the safe ownership, storage and handling of firearms and ammunition in the home. Cursos de seguridad de armas

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FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation

This class is designed to provide students a hands-on introduction and practical skills necessary for the safe operation and storage  of a specific type of firearm.

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  • FL. Concealed Weapons License

This class is designed to provide students the  knowledge and skills  for the safe ownership, carry and transportation of weapons and firearms in Florida and other states.

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Ladies pistol and concealed weapons classes
Ladies Basic Pistol

This all-ladies class is taught by former law enforcement officers with extensive teaching experience, in a relaxed and enjoyable learning atmosphere. Come with your friends and other family members, and get to meet and network with other ladies with similar interests in your community.