Security Consultants can help organizations assess facilities and security programs to identify vulnerabilities and offer recommendations to address those vulnerabilities.  There are several areas of specialty in security.  As a result, you may find experts with the knowledge to work in one or more areas of specialty.  To build a successful security and, or protection program, you may need the help of one or more consultants.  Security Management Consultant can help design a comprehensive management program focused on personnel management.  Personnel management practices help promote a safe work environment that promotes loyalty while it simultaneously improves performance and safety.

Operations Management Consultants focus on security operations and practices designed to protect people and facilities. They analyze the security needs and the work environment to design a comprehensive security program that takes into account the organizations needs, its vulnerabilities and the threats it faces.  Security Technology Consultants focus on integrating one or more security systems and various types of technology used in the security industry.  Alarms and CCTV systems are only a small sample of the technologies used in the security industry.   Biometrics sensors, motion sensors, heat sensors, audio equipment, fiber optics, pressure sensors, microwave, infrared and many other technologies are used to secure facilities and people in different environments.

Special Services Group has the experts you need.  With over 50 years of combined experience, our management team has expertise in all areas of security; operation, management and technology.  Our operations management team has extensive experience in all facets of physical security, force protection and personal protection practices.