Security Officer Positions

security patrol
  • Special Services Group North America LLC (SSGNA) is currently seeking job applicants for upcoming Security Officer positions at various locations throughout the Orlando and Kissimmee areas. While many of the traditional functions of security officers remain the same, the security profession has transformed over the years.  With these changes, the role and responsibilities of security officers have evolved to one with many benefits and challenges that are reflected in both; the latest training curriculum and the services provided by security professionals.  
  • As a business-to-business service provider, our mission is to provide an exceptional security service while ensuring that our clients and their guests and employees receive an outstanding customer service experience.  The following lists cover some of the qualifications, essential functions and working conditions that security officers may be exposed to routinely; however, they are not to be consider an all-inclusive list as job functions and requirements vary form contract to contract.


While every reasonable effort is made to assign security officers to permanent post assignments and permanent shifts, security officers often work at various locations and may be assigned to work on various shifts which may at times include  rotating shifts, overnight assignments, weekend work and holiday assignments that reflect client needs.  Security officers work in various settings which are assigned based on contract requirements, client requests, job-specific requirements and many other variables. While security officers may work in hotels, hospitals, warehouses or office settings, they may also work  in outdoors settings with routine exposure to inclement weather such as rain, dust, heat, wind and cold, or a combination of all of the variables mentioned.

Security officers may also be required to carry and, or move boxes and other items that may weigh up to 20lbs.  Security officers must consider that they may also find themselves in need to lift their own weight or the weight of another person while conducting patrols or when responding to emergency situations. A degree of flexibility and at a minimum the  physical strength to lift and pull their own weight during an emergency is required to ensure the safety of the security officer and the people they protect.

To work for Special Services Group North America LLC  in the state of Florida, security officers must have as a minimum:
Must be at least 18 years of age or older as required by applicable law or contractual requirements;
Be of good moral character;
Have a neat and professional appearance;
Must have a valid Florida Class D Security Officer License;
Must have at least one verifiable employer;
Must have a high school diploma or GED, or at least 5 years of verifiable employment history;
Must be able to communicate effectively in English; orally and in writing, as the position requires that the security officer interact with public and complete written reports;
Must have strong interpersonal skills as most positions require regular interaction with the public;
Consent to and pass background investigations, background checks with no findings of passed criminal history; and pass drug screening, credit history checks and job interviews;
Ability to maintain satisfactory attendance and punctuality standard;
Previous contract security, military or law enforcement experience is beneficial (and required for some position);
Successful completion of Special Services Group North America LLC Basic Security Officer Candidate Training Program.

The essential job functions of SSGNA employees are threefold as they involve our three main functions; security, safety and service. Security officers detect and report unsafe,  suspicious and criminal acts at, or near client sites.   Additionally, security officers are usually the first person our clients and their guests or employees see at our job-sites.  In this regard, security officers represent both; SSGNA and the clients we serve. For this reason, SSGNA security officers are required to be courteous and act as professionals in all their dealings while on duty and at any time they are at SSGNA property or at client sites, and at any time they are in uniform.

Essential activities of security officers differ from post to post; however, the list below outlines some of the standard duties and responsibilities of SSGNA security officers.

Ensure the safety and the security SSGNA clients, property, employees, guests, visitors, contractors, and vendors, as well as other SSGNA team members
and SSGNA property;
Work as a visible deterrent to prevent crimes and prevent job-site policy violations;
Enforce client rules and policies in a respectful and professional manner;
Report actual and potential security breaches, safety concerns and unusual situations verbally and in writing;
Follow-up with SSGNA supervisor on reported safety concerns to ensure that identified concerns are being addressed or resolved;
Check, secure, lock and/or unlock gates, doors and, or windows among other areas and property based on client/job requirements;
Monitor closed circuit television systems and alarms when required;
Remain flexible to ever-changing environments and work conditions;
Remain calm and be able to think clearly under difficult or stressful situations;
Deescalate situations through the use of active listening and negotiation skills;
Adapt well to different situations and accept schedules changes and changes in routines, policies and procedures in a professional and graceful manner;
Ensure that all daily and incident reports are completed and turned in daily before the ends of the shift;
Notify supervisors of any incidents as soon as reasonably possible and safe to do so.

Build, improve and maintain effective relationships with both clients, and client’s employees and guests by interacting in a courteous manner with all clients, employees, visitors and coworkers;
Deliver an outstanding customer service experience that ensures that every person you interact with feels cared for, valued and respected;
Understand the importance of upholding SSGNA’s reputation as a leader in safety, security and customer service;
Greet guests and employees, answer phones calls, and answer requests for assistance and questions in a timely and respectful manner;
Ability to work well independently under pressure with minimum supervision, yet able to work equally well in a team environment cooperating with and respecting individuals from different nationalities, cultures and believes

  •  Additional Responsibilities:
  • All Special Services Group North America LLC employees must fully embrace all of SSGNA and client mandated security and safety training programs which are designed to help enhance employee performance and the advancement potential of all employees;
  • Be aware of and familiar with the site-specific operations,  performance requirements,  post orders and required operating manuals;
  • Seek additional certification training such as OC/Pepper Sprays training, Expandable/Collapsible Steel Baton, Handcuffing, Defensive Driving Bicycle-Patrol training and other security, safety and customer service related education and training.

At Special Services Group North America LLC, we are passionate about our employees as we are about delivering an exceptional customer service experience and doing things right. Safety, integrity, exceptional service and quality are our top priorities.