Our management team has over 35 years of combined experience in federal and state law enforcement and the private security and investigations industry

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SSG counts with a network of dedicated professionals in the U.S., the Caribbean and the Americas.

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  • Special Services Group North America (SSGNA) offers a variety of customized, and flexible security officer services programs to meet the specific security needs of its clients.  However, our services go far beyond its customization capabilities. With over 20 years of combined experience in law enforcement, investigations and security industries, SSGNA management ensures that all SSGNA security and investigations personnel undergo a comprehensive training program specifically suited for today’s ever changing operational environment.
  •  SSGNA offers its clients the flexibility to choose the right security professional with the specific expertise that meets their current and, or future security needs.  In addition to undergoing a comprehensive pre-employment background screening, criminal history checks and periodic drug screening, all SSGNA employees receive yearly in-service training in legal, operational, health, safety, tactical and other work related topics.
  • The BPO Training Program is a dynamic training program developed to meet the needs of the 21st Century protection professional. Emergent criminal and terrorist threats, and the increase in civil litigation as a result of these and other threats have created the need for better trained security professionals. The SSGNA BPO Training Program was created to respond to these ever-changing needs.  All SSGNA security and protection professionals are required to attend the BPO Training Program in addition to other job-specific and yearly training programs. Among many other topics, the Basic Protection Officer Training Program exposes security officers and protection professionals to topics such as customer service practices, OSHA health and safety standards, response to workplace violence, behavior profiling, anti-terrorism, loss prevention concepts, risk assessment, use of force statutes and liability issues among many other work related topics.
  • Special Services Group North America counts with security personnel and protection professionals with varying degrees of training and experience, with backgrounds ranging from security and protection work through  law enforcement and military experience.  Special Services Group North America has included a description of the various security officer designations used by SSGNA to simplify the selection process when considering the selection of security professionals based on the services required by your organization.
  •  The services of our Traditional Security Officers  (SO’s), the Loss Prevention Officers (LPO) and the Custom Protection Professionals (CPP) are among the main three services that are requested by most of our commercial clients.  Other specialized, high risk protection services provided by SSGNA are the Personal Protection Specialists (PPS), the Physical Security Specialists (PSS) and the Force Protection Professionals (FPP). For more information on these specialized services or for training available for professionals in these fields, please visit their respective pages which will be available for review in the upcoming days.
  • All of Special Services Group north America security officers have as a minimum, completed 40 hours of state mandated security officer training in addition to participating in our Basic Protection Officer (BPO) training program. Additionally, SO’s complete job specific training and participate in the SSGNA yearly training programs where offices receive updates on legal standards and industry standards, in addition to receiving information on current trends in the security and loss prevention industry.
  • Retail managers know how difficult it is to manage a store and simultaneously provide a high level of customer service,  simultaneously supervising employees, preventing theft and simultaneously reducing other risks and losses. SSGNA Loss Prevention Officers (LPO) help managers reduce direct and indirect losses to retail operations in many ways.  As with the TSO Program, all LPO’s have completed the BPO Training Program and undergo additional yearly in-service training which includes intelligence updates on current trends in criminal behavior, loss prevention strategies, risk analysis, and  new and emerging loss prevention technology and practices among other topics.
  • Losses come in many ways.  Losses such as theft, vandalism, robberies, assaults and violent behavior from clients and criminals, frivolous lawsuits from fraudulent claims arising from clients and employees along with the damage to the organization’s reputation  that these and other incidents can produce, are just a few examples of losses faced by organizations on a daily basis. Trained security and loss prevention professionals can help managers and business owners  reduce many of these risks and losses.  
  •  Those security professionals meeting the stringent requirements for the Custom Protection Professional designation have extensive training and experience well beyond those required by any state licensing authority.  SSGNA Custom Protection Professionals are either former law enforcement officers, former military personnel and/or college graduates with higher education degrees in areas such as criminal justice, emergency and disaster management, police science, police administration, or security management programs. As with the TSO Program, all CPP’s have completed the BPO Training Program and undergo additional yearly in-service training and specialized training developed for the unique challenges faced by their clients.  
  •  The CPP designation is further divided into various levels to denote the level of training, experience and specialties each CPP has. CPP’s are assigned to security projects based on the specific security needs and the CPP’s experience and ability to address those needs. CPP’s are among the most experienced security professionals in the security industry, and with the emergent treat of terrorism, active shooter incidents and other violent activities, CPP’s are a increased demand in the security industry.