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  • Based in Orlando Florida, Special Services Group North America LLC offers a wide range of customized security solutions for business organizations and their executives, individuals, government organizations, the hospitality industry, healthcare organizations and the technology sector among other organizations.
  • Our security experts and consultants count with extensive experience in operations, leadership and training roles in the business sector, the law enforcement community, and in the healthcare, aviation, security, loss prevention and investigations fields.
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  • SSG Private Investigators have extensive training and investigations experience in the federal, state and private  sectors…..
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Client support

For  training, please contact our customer support department 24/7

Individual approach

Through the use of regional surveys and risk assessments, SSG protective services employs customized solutions designed to meet each client’s individual needs.


SSG counts with management consultants, and security and investigations trainers and consultants to provide our clients an extensive range of services, including risk assessments, mitigation strategies, planning support, and  training.


SSG is an active member of various national and international security, investigations and training organizations; including the American Society for Industrial Security and the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association among others.

Project management

SSG, works closely with its clients in the pursuit of successful project implementation that satisfy our client’s needs.

Quality guarantee

SSG’s continues evaluation and enhancement program ensures that all of our programs and services meet the latest technological, educational and legislative changes affecting our industries .

Cost efficiency

Through the use of detailed analysis and surveys, SSG can recommend, design and implement customized cost-efficient programs designed to meet specific customer needs.

Customer satisfaction

In an effort to  ensure our commitment to offering the highest level of service in the industry,  SSG employs various management strategies focused in employee training and development with an emphasis in quality control and customer satisfaction.

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