• Please read the disclaimer below before viewing these videos and before practicing any of the skills presented.
  • Por favor, lea las advertencias proveídas abajo antes de ver estos videos y antes de practicar las destrezas demostradas en los videos.

Some of the videos presented on this page are contain intermediate to advance level shooting skills.  As a result, you should not perform these skills unless you are under the direct supervision of a qualified and experienced instructor.  Note to Instructors: Please do not attempt to teach these skills unless you have been trained as a tactical firearms instructor and have extensive experience teaching and coaching students.  If you decide to practice or teach the intermediate or advanced skills presented in these videos, you are doing so at your own risk and accept any and all liability that may result as a result of your actions.  As an additional safety recommendation, do not practice or have students practice any skills without a considerable amount of dry-fire and ensuring that shooters remove their finger from the trigger every single time they their muscle is not covering an inert target down range.


Algunas de las destrezas demostradas en estos videos son consideradas avanzadas.  Por favor, no practiquen estas destrezas sin estar bajo la supervisión directa de un instructor certificado y experimentado en el uso y la enseñanza de destrezas intermedias y avanzadas.  Instructors, por favor no ensenen estas destrezas a menos que estén adiestrados y tengan amplia experiencia supervisando tiradores nuevos o sin experiencia.