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Workplace Violence Awareness, Prevention, Preparedness and Response

Introduction: Workplace violence costs employers in the United States  millions of dollars every year.  The direct effects of workplace violence are obvious; injuries and the loss of life as a result of workplace violence are among the most evident effects of workplace violence. However, the trauma these events can cause to victims, witnesses, and to coworkers and the family members of those affected are unquantifiable.  Additionally, the decrease in work performance and production, along the increase in resignations and the use of sick time off and sometimes the need to train new employees results in losses and other indirect costs to employers, insurance companies, government programs and the local economy.

Benefits: The workplace violence awareness, prevention, preparedness and response course provides students the necessary knowledge to prepare for and respond to potential and active workplace violence incidents. Unlike the traditional “lock-down” approach to workplace violence and active shooter incidents that has cost the lives of numerous students in school shootings in the past decade,s this class is designed and delivered in an options-based-approach, providing class participants multiple options to consider, to develop the knowledge necessary to analyze and proactively react to and handle the threats of an aggressive intruder and active shooters. Additionally, class participants will also be introduced to a number of defensive countermeasures that could be used, at the students discretion, during a life and death confrontations.  

  • In this course, participants will learn:
  • – Introduction 
  • – Types of workplace violence incidents
  • – Workplace violence statistics
  • – Risk factors and mitigation strategies
  • – Indicators (Red flags) of suspicious behavior and potentially violent situations
  • – Prevention strategies, security measures and response to potentially violent behavior
  • – Environmental design considerations as a safety mechanism
  • – Conflict resolution techniques 
  • – Dealing with armed suspects
  • – Response to active shooter incidents
  • – Self defense skills (practiced at students discretion)
  • – What to do when law enforcement arrives
  • – Zero tolerance policies and practices
  • – Reporting procedures
  • – Response plan guidelines and considerations

 Course Features:  This course was developed based on the CDC workplace violence prevention recommendations and the concepts and strategies used by the US Department of Homeland Security and other federal and state law enforcement agencies.   The course contains numerous practical examples and interactive scenarios, along with exercises and discussion of real life incidents.

Instructors Background:  Our lead instructors and curriculum designers are former federal and state law enforcement officers, police instructor and state licensed weapons, firearms and use of force statutes instructors with extensive real life experience responding to and controlling violent criminal behavior and active shooter incidents, and over 40 years of combined operations and teaching experience in law enforcement and security operations, use of force statutes and self defense.